Three more pics from the ol jobber. My favorite three of the six pics... Of special note, which is cool to me, is all the globes and the airplane in the second picture, and the Horse Shoe Tires and painted Red Crown signs in the third picture, among numerous other cool things.


5C83CA88-D5B0-436D-98B8-EDE8207E1E92.jpeg 106B850F-80BF-48B4-A1AB-8B4391868680.jpeg DCA3C2C7-A16F-4EDE-BB7E-5941F3273F17.jpeg
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-Steve B. (WTB: 48" Flying A button, 48" black/org Phillips 66, White Star, and Chevrolet Signs. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.)