Hey guys. Just joined here after finding this site several times. I know there are always questions about repop stuff on ebay and the general consensus is that it is always fake. Early on in collecting i got burned on some rookie mistakes which i chalk up to ignorance lack of knowledge. I have acquired a few pieces that i am positice are the real deal because of either where/who i got it from, the condition (terrible condition on a magnolia sign), or the fact that i cannot find another like it anywhere. I am really just trying to develop an eye for what i'd be taking a risk on. This is a recent one that i was testing out. My gut tells me it is fake mainly because of the quantity of signs sold by the seller and the price it went for . . $190 ish. DO you all believe that is a general red flag. . . lots of signs sold, relatively low sales price based on some sells at auctions i found?

Also included pics of "Gay Oil Sign". Ive done some research on this sign and have found only 1 other example but in another color. . .same image though. Also found that this indeed was a service station company/oil co in Arkansas early 1900s. . . most information about the company comes by way of a gas station design contest for the gas station itself.

Thanks again,


Texaco Marine White 1.pngTexaco Marine White 2.pngGay Oil Sign 1.JPGGay oil Sign 2.jpg