Am selling the remainder of my tin cans.

All price are plus shipping.

We prefer payment by Paypal, use my email address as the person you are paying.

I do NOT do PMs, if you want to purchase anything post it below, then email me and tell me what you want to purchase, this way I will have your email address. The first one to email me gets the item.

When letting me know which items you want, please include a number in front of the item name, every tin has its own number, this saves me a great deal of time finding the item.

Any questions, call me at 314-427-3943.

Please note, some of the can tins have contents

Many more to come.

Thank you,

Jack & Cindy

small tine - 3-.jpg
#301, Carter Carburetor (heavy can), $35.00; #302, Locktite patch kit, $30.00; #303, Motorcycle Patch Quick, $30.00; #304, Dixie (small & missing cap), $25.00; #305, Dixie (tall, metal) $40.00; #306, Permatex (radiator cement), $18.00

small tins - 4-.jpg
#307, Sealtight wide, (Insulators for spark plugs, full, 3 boxes available), $8.00 each; #307, Goodrich tire rim flap $5.00; #308, Sealtight, narrow, $8.00

small tins - 5-.jpg
#309, Western Auto Stopleak for radiators, coardboard) $7.00; #310, John Crane (water pump packing can), $20.00; #311, Las-Stick (tube patch), $18.00; #312, B&K Spark Plug Thread & Seat Cleaner, $20.00.

small tins - 6 -.jpg
#313, Chicago tube repair, $20.00; #314, Crest tube repair, $15.00; #315, Globe, tire patches, $20.00; #316, Jem. tire/tube repair, $25.00; #317, Trustorthy, tube repair, $25.00. #318, Kingston patch kit, $$20.00; #319, Blloon tire patch, $15.00.

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