It's been an "E" ticket ride, my friend... But now it's time to rebuild. I've kept, most of my Chevron stuff, but had to sell the rest. All three Model Ts went to a collector, not to far from here. I imagine, someday soon, I'll see my Speedster running down the road. The old Dodge is gone, as is, all of my gas pumps, except my Fargo 36-B. And yes. I DO have the top. At any rate, a bunch of stuff here, needs a new home. I offered it all to a local "Picker" but he never followed through. Hopefully some of the Oldgas family, will come out and grab some goodies. I'll be back when I get settled in the new place... BTW. Is that the boat that got smashed up out here?

Anything Chevron
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I'd rather be flying.....