Garth (Brassnozzle), Thank you.

There is also another way to get your pictures to come out straight. This works on photos in my computer on File Explorer every time.

- Open File Explorer on your computer. It’s the icon usually at the bottom that looks like a manilla folder.
- Click on your file of pictures and find the picture you want to use.
- Click on the picture to open and view it.
- Click on “Edit & Create” (top-right corner) and then choose “Edit” OR just simply click the cropping button/tool that looks like a square with a diagonal line through it at the top.
- Using the cropping tool, close in two opposite corners just slightly (by clicking and dragging the circles at the corner of your picture). Make sure you use two opposite corners so you can crop a little bit off of all 4 sides. It doesn’t have to be much.
- Click “save” or “save a copy” (“save” changes the original and “save a copy” makes a second picture and also keeps your original.)
- Post as normal on OldGas through the attachment manager.

Note(s): *This only works if you crop enough off each side (it doesn’t have to be too much). But plan ahead if your taking a new picture for OldGas. **I believe this method also works on cell phones.

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-Steve B. (WTB: 48" Flying A button, 48" black/org Phillips 66, White Star, and Chevrolet Signs. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.)