When you consider the time to hunt down all of these pumps it is amazing. Then you have to take them apart and repair what’s damaged and locate what’s missing. Then reassemble to make sure it all fits together and adjust what doesn’t want to fit. Then figure out colors and paint layout and what gets plated or polished and get those pieces where they need to go and get them picked up. Then turn your attention to hours upon hours of preparation of lots of parts to get them ready for the paint to lay down with a perfect reflection. And finally devoting all your attention to CAREFULLY reassembling all these pieces so as to not disturb the perfect detail and finish you have devoted so much time to achieve. Stand back and admire what all your effort has achieved. Now- no time to rest, on to the next one- 125 more times!! Whenever I see a collection like this, I am awestruck and respectful of the ability and talent of the person that is on display before me. My hat is off to you sir, you have much to be proud of.