Got some custom graphics done with T-way Graphics for my Rocket brand Tockheim 39 Short gas pump. On the avatar by my name you can see where the Rocket decal will be. I worked with Jim at T-way Graphics to recreate what I hope is about as close a "Rocket" brand decal as can be found. Rocket was an obscure fuel company brand in southwest Wisconsin. These will go on my original 39 Short that I plan to keep in the patina stage, just satin clear coated to maintain it. May eventually get globes too.

I also commissioned Jim to make me a custom sign decal for the motorcycle shop I am currently building. I'll have a junk piston/con-rod converted into an LED lamp hanging from the front peak of my shop garage.Great work Jim, looking forward to properly displaying the goodies.

Rocket-Door-Decal-V2.jpg Rocket-Door-Decal---Regular.jpg Andys-Holed-Piston-Garage---working.jpg
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Love motorcycles, got eleven right now, dealing on others. Looking for a 1948 to 1954 Jawa 350 Twin.