As some of you know, I got completely out of the petroliana business in 2008 with the sale of Vic’s Place.

From time to time I have old clients who for whatever the reason contact me with items I sold them back in those days, looking to get rid of them. In this instance the gentleman passed away.

In this case I have a Bennett 900 Series Restored in Sinclair Dino, an Eco 98 Air Meter restored and a 6’ double-sided Texaco porcelain sign I’d like to sell preferably all together. The pump is very clean still, the rear ad glass is broken but that’s a $15 fix. The computer is free and turning. Probably just detail it, touch it up and you’ve got a like a new resto. The air meter is very serviceable as well, all original parts might need polished a bit and blackout paint fill redone. But still very nice. The Texaco back side has some tree sap staining that I couldn’t really get off, you know where the back turns kind of grayish. Not horrible, but still, the display side as you can see is pretty cherry.

To separate them, I’d want $1975 for the pump, $1075 for the ECO and $950 for the sign. If someone wanted all three I’d turn the whole group loose for $3700. It’s funny, I didn’t research pricing or anything I’m just working off memory. Holler if interested. I won’t ship, but I’m just off I-35 north of OKC. Text 405-627-1052

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