Love this forum. I have a 1927-28 visible that has 0 gallon marker on top, 10 bottom of cylinder w/gate valve, but no hose. Questions as I close in on re-assembly and ordering a brass nozzle and cloth hose.

Curious if stations w/ visible started with a gate valve/dry hose set up and at some point switched for consumer ease the shutoff at fuel nozzle vs gate valve.
Would a gas station owner/operator take time to reverse gallon markers if they did switch over from wet to dry set up? My guess is perhaps not.

It does seem reasonable that bottom 0 and top 10 markers seem to make since for a dry set up(gate valve). Attendant/User filled up to the gallon mark they wanted, open the gate valve and emptied gas level in cylinder& hose fuel volume into the car/truck. 10 at bottom and 0 at top seems reasonable that you always filled cylinder 'full' between customers when the nozzle was squeezed, empty fuel to the desired level and released the nozzle trigger. Pay for what you poured.

I'm not trying to start a ***** contest on which is correct. Only curious on the historical accuracy of this hobby and then deciding if I put a nozzle/shutoff and orientation of markers.
Perhaps there are high rez pictures on the net that might show gallon marker orientation and nozzle types.
Also patent research on early nozzles with shut off valve integrated.

Thank you all for the info above.