To help clarify the terminology, I would define “reproduction” as a replica of something or a similar copy. There are “fantasy” pieces that were never originally made in any form, but are created for decorative purposes. I would define “aftermarket” as something that is made by a third party vendor to serve some functional purpose. Typically a part. I’m not saying that these were made by any oil company. All I can do is compile evidence to come up with a reasonable explanation as to what these are. I don’t know what they are. The best source of information I received so far was from the gentleman who has the similar ones who said he got them quite awhile ago from a guy who’s father was a Gilbarco tech who served the southeast area. He described them as blanking plates. All I’m suggesting is could these be some type of “aftermarket part” that was not made by Sinclair, Ashland, whatever that a pump tech would use to blank out something on a pump or other piece of equipment related to fuel or oil?

I’m not trying to be confrontational in any way. I just don’t see the money making potential in someone trying to reproduce this for profit. I paid next to nothing for these. If someone has been collecting for over 30 years, you have probably seen most of the junk out there. You can also probably find other examples of the junk with a quick internet search. If you can find another example of these that someone is making money on, please share. It would really help clarify what these are for me. If someone went through the effort to make this one pair, it was a moneymaking failure on their part.