I understand that these things make no sense. It would not be logical for me to completely dismiss the information that was given to me by another member (who by all accounts is a veteran gas collector) about these things and how and when he obtained them. When he says he got them from an old Gilbarco tech who told them they were blanking plates, I will take his word as to what he was told.

That said, it doesn’t mean that it’s what they really are. Since they are all the same plate, but with various logos, maybe they could have been some promotional junk that someone was giving away of some other decorative item that the pump guy was just using as a blanking plate for something because they had a bunch and they were handy to cobble something up.

I was really not trying to make these into something they are not Just trying to respect the info that some have taken the time to share and expand on it. Thanks for the feedback.