Hi, Gang. I'm going to have this mid-1930's KENDALL Oil Rack at Iowa Gas. It's a decent old original....with no clear on any of the signs.

This rack is 22" wide by 45" high. The painted tin signs (a double-sided one at the top, and two single-sided ones at the bottom) have rust spots and other blems, as seen in the photos.

For me, it's hard to set prices for less than "excellent" condition goodies. I find it hard to allow for an item's age or relative scarcity (85+ years old in the case of this KENDALL rack). But, with the help of another Old Gas buddy, we've come up with the price. It is $800. Thanks for looking. John

058 (544x900).jpg060 (900x657).jpg066 (900x705).jpg063 (900x548).jpg