I have a group of FOUR Station Attendant Hat Toppers that I'm selling as one group. The first two are in very nice, almost new condition. #1 is the darker one on the left in the top row. It has elastic binding. Topper #2 to the top right has a stripe in the material that reminds me of the Standard Oil hats. It is attached to the hat frame with snaps.

About the remaining two toppers: the white one has grease stains, as you can see in the photo, but it has been washed. This topper attaches with snaps. The final blue one is clean, but does have a small hole on the top that has been neatly mended. There's also a faded area on the top around this mend. This one attaches with elastic.

The price for the group of FOUR hat toppers is just $45. Shipping is extra, but won't be much, since I can use a shipping bag. Thanks for looking.