I used Maaco a few times. They never disappointed and I was completely happy. They only charged $500 when I first started using them years ago and it eventually went up to $650. That included body work, prep, primer and paint!! Couldn’t beat it.

I actually used the Maaco by you on Dixie and Telegraph, but the new owner said no more gas pumps and they let the old manager go (Marty). Marty was a great guy. I don’t know if you knew JR Adler from Waterford (he just passed away), but he used the Maaco on Dixie religiously.

I haven’t been there in about two years, so try them again and please let me know. Good luck.

I know it’s hard to tell in a picture, but both of these were a Dixie / Telegraph Maaco paint job….. they did the exterior and interior (note this is two different pumps that I did (they just look the same… 39 & 300).

90AFDD84-CC2B-434A-B946-70A532DF5805.jpeg 5E70537B-35EC-41B6-B524-493306779BED.jpeg 7636CAC5-CEF5-42F5-9F25-7BEFA5859129.jpeg 2811035E-D81B-4A66-A553-6DF7F4F2C0BB.jpeg
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-Steve B. (WTB: 48" Flying A button, 48" black/org Phillips 66, White Star, and Chevrolet Signs. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.)