alright so for those who don't know I am working towards opening a full-service Chevron Gas Station. my great grandfather Texaco Dealer while working with His brothers at their Texaco Station in Prescott, AZ. He and his brothers opened up a Union Gas Station in Jerome, AZ. the building in Jerome is still there but the one in Prescott is gone, anyway eventually he opened up his very own Chevron Gas Station and ran the gas station for years until they moved. I was fortunate enough to know my great grandfather, but only in his last years. recently i learned that my mom's dad ran a Gas Station in Lordsburg, New Mexico where he had lived most of his life. the family business is gone, but not for much longer hopefully. I Just got a hold of Chevron, and I am scheduled to talk with a Business Consultant in the next three days. i still need to get with the New Mexico State EPA and see what their regulations are, but so far everything is going smoothly. i plan to build the station to resemble the 1940s or 1950s and use the old Chevron logo from around the same time period. i think the World could definitely use full-service stations, especially for people you see on the side of the road with a flat tire, out of gas, or who are just having problem with their vehicles. back in the day Ful service stations where just about everywhere and people didn't have as much car trouble as they have today. now days there's hardly any, and there's not a whole lot of options at today's gas stations besides food, drinks, and gas. But anyway, hopefully the EPA will allow me to build as according to plan while at the same time following their regulations.