I know this won't compare to the pump stories you all have been sharing but since I don't have a pump yet and only have small but nice things this was big to me!

Well. I was helping my mother in law move for the third time in seven years thinking what i could be doing instead. Packing boxes an such when I pull out and old photo album. The photo album much to my delight had pictures of Pops store. The "NEW" store as pop called it was built around 1925-29. A general store and Texaco dealer. I had never seen pictures of the store so I was very excited. I was even more thrilled to see the Sign I now have, mounted on the side of the building. As I flipped through the pages, more and more pictures of the store and equipmet appeared. Then a picture of the "OLD" store complete with visible pumps in the front! Then pictures of the texaco Tanker truck they had in the thirties! Then the
KAN-O-TEX Tanker truck from before that! Picture after picture and old cars and trucks to boot. This was / is a great find for me since I also vist the model a web site too.

God must have known that I needed a good boost since it was late in the day and I was
tuckered out.
Later that day I was told that the station was on PLUM street. I said I thought it was on Main street. Mom said "Well it was, but everybody called it plum street since it plum ran all the way through town!"

Thanks for lettin me ramble. Just had to share.