The following is of course a partial list of products. If anyone has anything to add to the list, please email me and I will update it ASAP. Id like to make it as complete as possible.

Motor Oils:

Diamond motor oil: A motor oil introduced in the 1910s or 1920s.
Diamond 760 Motor Oil: This was a premium-grade motor oil that was introduced sometime before 1936. A writeup from a 1935 road map reads Only the very best lubricants are retained from the 100% paraffin base crudes used in the refining of Diamond Seven-Sixty. There are no light portions to vaporize; there are no heavy portions to foul the motor. Diamond Seven-Sixty provides protection through the widest temperature range. It is free-flowing at zero and is safe even at 760 degrees.
Faultess Motor Oil: A lower-grade motor oil. 100% paraffin base. Introduced prior to 1936.
Power Motor Oil: A lower grade motor oil. 100% paraffin base. Introduced prior to 1936.
D-X (and DX) Motor Oils: Various sub-names, grades, and additives from 1940s through 1968.
D-X Marine Oil
D-X (and DX) Outboard Motor Oil


Diamond Greases
Faultless axle grease
D-X (and DX) greases


Diamond kerosene
Diamond motor gasoline
Diamond Nitro gasoline
NevrNox non-poisonous gasoline
NevrNox Ethyl gasoline
D-X Lubricating Motor Fuel
D-X Ethyl gasoline
D-X Diesel fuel
D-X Boron gasoline
DX Super Boron gasoline
DX Marine gasoline


Mid-Continent Anti-Freeze
Diamond Anti-Freeze
D-X (and DX) Anti-Freeze

Other Fluids:

Diamond gear lubricant
D-X (and DX) gear lubricant
D-X (and DX) automatic transmission fluid

Other Products:

Diamond household oil
D-X household oil