Thanks so much for sharing all this ifo and pictures..Sunray-DX has been my favorite company since 1977.. An oil field lease in Harper county Okla. changed owners and I was lucky enough to get the lease signs and 18 of the 24" "curb signs". these signs were mounted in galvanize frames the shape of the signs and bolted to flow lines on top of tank batteries..only got one of the later 55-57 signs. I called it the "albino" as I didnt know why it was differant..I cant believe it now, but back at that time I would take a couple to swap meets and and do good to get $65 for a nice one...I did keep three, but the rest is long gone. Also Still have a few lease and danger signs, which I think is so neat with the colorful logos..Thanks again as this is way more than I ever knew about this co. RD