Based on the participation so far, it would appear that Ashland isn't a widely collected least by Oldgas members. But just in case you're interested in learning more about the company's history, here's a few sources you might want to hunt up:

1) “Blazer and Ashland Oil, a Study in Management”. The author is Joseph L. Massie and the publisher is the University of Kentucky Press. Copyright 1960. (this book is currently available on eBay from seller "alldaypicker")

2) "E PLURIBUS UNUM", author Paul G. Blazer, published by the Newcomen Society, copyright 1956. Author was President and Chairman of Ashland Oil and Refining Company, Ashland Kentucky. (this sold on eBay less than a month ago)

3) "The Exception – History of Ashland Oil & Refining Company", by Otto J. Scott.
Published by McGraw-Hill in paperback in 1968. The author was commissioned by Ashland to write the book. (this is available on

When I started working for Ashland in 1971, "The Exception" was given to all new hires. I lived in a rented house in Ashland, KY for a month until my wife and kids could join me. Since I was without a TV and had virtually no furiture, I read the book during that first week. Somewhere over the years it I don't have it now when I could finally put it to good use again.

I do remember at least one thing from the book. The book discussed the company's first auditor......don't recall his name but he worked for the company in the 1930's. While climbing on top of a large crude oil storage tank to measure the quantity of oil inside, the roof caved in and the poor fellow drowned in the oil. I worked as an auditor for Ashland for 8 years......needless to say I was extra careful when I had to strap storage tanks!!

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Richard Weir
Corinth, Texas