I was looking at some old negatives today and noticed a couple of gas pumps in one of them so I scanned it and here's what I found.

The view is looking south on Highway 101 through Buellton, California circa 1930. Down the street you can see the diamond shaped AAA sign hanging in front of the "Bueltmore Hotel" and just past that is a sign for "Andersen's Electrical Cafe". For those of you that have traveled through this part of California, you would know this restaurant as "Andersen's Pea Soup".

Here is an aerial shot showing the same service station in the lower right corner, although is has been rebranded from Shell to Texaco. The aerial shot is circa 1938.

Andersen's restaurant is still in the same location as in these photos, however the highway was moved out of the center of the town around 1965. The station seen in the lower left across the highway is a Gilmore.

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C Cragg