Hey Al (ranchpump) good to hear from you. Don't know if you heard but our painter Willy passed away several months back. You got those pumps done just in time. He ended up with a couple of mine that I will probably never see again, but that's the way it goes!

Here's the Andersen's Pea Soup sign, which I also just posted in BOTW. I actually bought this one several months ago from a guy I met at a garage sale and then this past week Mark Mendenhall gave me another one for our collection at the Buellton Historical Society. I now have two and know there is another one in an old station on Avenue of the Flags that is now a car lot.

This was used in the mid 1970's when Andersen's owner Vince Evans opened a series of service stations along with the restaurants. He planned on expanding the Andersen's franchise throughout California and probably into other western states, until he was tragically killed in an airplane crash in April of 1980.

Somehow Evans had a connection for wholesale gasoline during the oil embargo days of the late 70's and was able to get it to his stations. Remember the odd and even days?

C Cragg