Old B/A Gas Station Finds New Life

Vintage B-A gas station

Newtonville, Ontario, Canada

When visiting Eastern Ontario Canada be sure to check out Frank & Betty Stapleton 's B/A Station on Highway #2 Newtonville, (#2 north off Hwy 401), 50 miles east of Toronto. The current station is circa 1955 and it replaced the former B/A of 1920. It is repainted in its former colors and is uniquely accented with restored pumps, oilers, signage, promotions, cansisland oil carriers, and various by-product memorabilia; even the sign post with the big "B/A" stands at the side of the highway. Their Company is Grist Mill Auctions and the B/A station serves as the main auction centre, however, right next to it at the corner of Hwy #2 and Mill St., is their family owned Grist Mill, since 1940, displaying the old Ruston Hornsby diesel engine that provided the power source to operate the milling equipment. The Grist Mill is also an Auction Centre and it is interestingly appointed with vintage articles and a display of numerous artifacts of that period when the local grist mill played a vital role throughout rural Ontario. Across the road sits the 2nd school house of our area built around 1870 that is also of interest. Stop by our B/A, a great attraction holding onto small town Ontario.
B-A  "A1 Gas" 15.3 cents sign
B-A "Clean Across Canada" Restrooms sign
Google zoomable map to Newtonville, ON
Grist Mill Auctions phone 905-786-2244

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