Jim Hollabaugh Gas Station Collectible Auction Report

Medina, Ohio, June 8, 1996

Array of petroliana at the Hollabaugh auction

by Scott Benjamin

Copyright 1996, Petroleum Collectibles Monthly

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Baier Auctioneers proved themselves professionals again with their handling of the second auction of Jim Hollabaugh's collection.

Over 200 lots, about 60% of them toys, did well in the 6 1/2 hour auction.

Gas and oil collectibles held firm in price. I'd say 20% were great deals, 20% were over retail and about 60% were right on the money.

The following lists some of the many items which sold:

Dinky Mobilgas tanker truck, 4 1/2": $30

Sunoco oil bottle: $80

Sunoco Cusom Blend gas chart: $25

Sunoco cuff links: $25

Sunoco radio: $45

Sunoco lighter: $50

Sunoco Ladies Rest Room sign: $190

Sunoco telephone: $55

Sunoco 200 diamond-shaped pump sign: $175

Sunoco oil rack: $120

Gilbarco 994A computer pump, restored: $700

Two Martin & Schwartz model 70s, restored, with original porcelain signs: one @ $1,050 and one @ $800

Sunoco Motor Oil porcelain lighted rack with 8 Sunoco bottles: $2400

Hood Tire, 36" porcelain die-cut man: $1,200

Amalie Motor Oil dish-shaped porcelain sign, 54" x 35": $525

Mobil Pipeline sign: $275

Mobiloil Lubester die-cut sign: $190

Socony Aircraft 8" diameter Lubester sign: $260

Mobiloil small oil rack shield, 8" x 8" sign: $410

Mobilheat Stove Oil globe: $550

Cookie Cutter 3 section Mobil horse, 92": $1,250

Texaco Marfak lube sign: $575

Shell Penn Motor Oil porcelain 29": $550

Mobilheat porcelain shield shape sign with smaller porcelain sign attachment, N.O.S., in the box, very rare, $3,500

Shell Swiss pocket watch: $250

Hoosier Pete Heater Oil, 1 side on glass: $650

Purol Pep 15" metal inserts (1 pair) in original crate: $475

Gulf Fuel Oil dealer sign: $725

Buick Authorized Service, 42", N.O.S. porcelain sign: $900

Texaco Jet Fuel truck, in the box: $475

I went for one item and got it - the Hoosier Pete globe. I had previously owned this globe twice before. This time it's a keeper - hopefully three times is a charm!

Hey Jim, can we expect three in a row? Next year?

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