Medina Ballroom Auction

March 2, 1996 Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Roving reporter, Terry Hasek, journeyed northward for PCM to give us a full report on the auction held in Minnesota.

The auction was attended by an abundance of petroleum collectors and prices were very strong on several items. Here is a price breakdown of what many of those collectors purchased, less the buyers premium:

1950s Texaco Aircraft Oil qt. - $35Illinois license
plate: "OIL

1950s Shell Antifreeze gal - $50

Lubrite qt - $35

early White Eagle Keynoil 1/2 gal can (fair cond) - $75

1940s die-cut Mobil license attachment - $60

24" round Quaker State button - $160

Phillips 66 die-cut 29" starburst sign (fair cond) - $775

1930s Texaco porcelain lubester, 15" - $190

1940s Texaco No Smoking sign, 23"x4" (9+ cond) - $250

Gulf No Nox pump plate - $50

1950s Gulftane double circle - $50

Sinclair Dino pump plate, 12"x14" - $120

Humble porcelain pump sign - $100

MMP Premium Rose globe on plastic - $300

Brants Red Hat, one-piece etched globe - $5,750 (a new record)

Buffalo, one-side on glass - $1,275

1920s Polarine 1/2 gal can with car, (9 cond) - $320

1930s Texaco Home Lub tin - $120

Texaco Fire Chief pump plate (9 cond) - $130

Texaco Sky Chief Petrox - $90

Indian porcelain pump plate - $290

Union 76 Outboard Fuel round pump plate - $290

Kant Nox globe on glass - $595

Mobilgas globe on plastic - $175

Texaco Clean Clear Golden Motor Oil porcelain sign - $520

That's a strong showing of prices for petroleum collectibles. This hobby is certainly alive and well.

Republished with permission from the April 1996 issue of Petroleum Collectibles Monthly. If you would like to receive info like this regularly, check our PCM page.

Photo above is of the author, Terry Hasek's, license plate. Image copyright 1996 by Jim Potts

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