Seventh Annual Sunflower Oil & Gas Swap Meet

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May 19th and 20th 1995 the Douglas County Faigrounds of Lawrence, Kansas was the setting for the seventh annual Sunflower Oil & Gas show. Many parts of the midwest had received more than their share of rain but the skies cleared, and great weather prevailed for the show.

There was a good representation from the various areas of oil and gas collectibles. As in years past, maps and cans seem to take center stage at this show. Some of the most active map collectors in the country come to buy, sell and trade. Maps continue to be one of the hottest segments of the hobby.

The swap area at the show is divided up between indoor spaces which take up two buildings, and the outside vending which covers the parking lot between the two buildings.

Vendor John Ross offered a very high quality Texaco stein at the show. Only a limited number are available, the picture I took of it did not turn out but if you catch up with John take a look, it's neat. Some items at the show that aren't even for sale can be bought if you are a slick talker and have some money. Allow me to explain. During the course of the show I saw a gentleman walking around in one of the older dark green Phillips 66 shirts. Toward the end of the show I saw the same gentleman walking around in his undershirt. I later ran into John Pearson, Phillips collector who ran into that same gentleman. It seems it started when the two met up, John was admiring a couple of unique Phillips 66 mechanical pencils in the pocket of the Phillips shirt. The owner of them was reluctent to part with them but by the time John had finished with him he had the pencils, and the shirt they were in. So John, I says, you mean to tell me you bought the shirt right off the mans back and left him in his T-shirt? John proudly replied, you bet! I guess the morale of the story is, always bring a spare shirt to the swap meet, especially if the one your wearing says Phillips on it and John is there.

This is always a fun and relaxed show, the sometimes, slower pace of the mid-west comes through. Friday evening after the show is usually spent going out to dinner with some of the other collectors or going to see the collection of one of the local collectors. Either way it's a great time.

Next year Tom is moving the time of the show to the Friday and Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. This may alleviate some of the problem of getting a hotel room. In the past, the show has been on graduation weekend for some of the area colleges. Also, more people may be able to travel that weekend to attend the show.

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Utah Refining Co. - Tom Allen, show coordinator, added these rare cans to his collection.

U.S. Globe - Vendor Vic Raupe had this well used but unique globe on display in the swap area.

New Blood - these guys receive a lot of attention as they unpack. This is a common sight at swap meets, no one wants to see what you brought, they just want to uhh!.. "help you unload."

This article and images have been provided by Tiger Hightest magazine, copyright 1996. They are used here with permission. For more information, contact Tim Dye .

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