Westbrook's Esso

Restored vintage Esso gas station with visible gasoline pumps

Kingwood, West Virginia

Lots of petroliana on display, but not for sale, at this nostalgic restored Esso service station. To visit, take I-79 south from I-70 at Washington, PA, to I-68 east to exit 4, take Rte. 7 east to Kingwood, WV. At the first traffic light in Kingwood, turn right on Main St. and go 2 blocks, station will be on right.

Esso dealer sign

Bruceton Antique Mall's gas pump

North of the Esso station on Rte. 26 near I-68, exit 23 is the Bruceton Antique Mall. The mall features some nice petro collectibles for sale along with a full line of antiques.
Open 7 days/week. Phone 304-379-4040
The pump pictured at the left is in front of the mall.

Photos & research by Gary Nisperly
Design by Jim Potts
Copyright 1997

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