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  1. Cruisin The Past
    Crusin The Past specializes in automotive memorabilia and nostalgic collectibles from the 50's and 60's, including neon clocks, gas globes, classic gas pumps and more.
  2. Fill-er-up
    Brian Steiner of Bird-in-hand, PA is the maker of a line of reproduction signs, road map racks, oil can racks, motor oil cans, gas pumps, island light poles and air meter parts.
  3. Gas Pump Heaven
    Maker of reproduction gas pump parts. Also makes complete repro gas pumps. Each pump is hand crafted out of metal and built on site. And each pump is powder-coated for a high quality and durable finish. Also, custom paint jobs are available for an extra charge.
  4. Retro Gas Pumps
    Manufacture and sell hand crafted custom and themed replica antique gasoline pumps
  5. The Finest Website for Gas Pumps
    Classic 1950s replica gas pumps, island lights, trash cans and windshield washing towel boxes


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